Face to Face Counselling

Life sometimes presents traumatic events or critical situations that are so overwhelming, we find ourselves in crisis. Our approach to counselling is oriented around client centered therapy and wellness. If a crisis is not resolved in a healthy manner, it can lead to emotional, social and physical problems or mental health issues.

You are not alone, we are here with our licensed counsellors. You have options:-

Face to Face Counselling

Face-to-face counselling offers clients a safe, respectful and professional environment to discuss life-impacting issues that affect us emotionally, socially, physically and psychologically.

Telephone Counselling

We understand that people cannot always attend face to face counselling or engage via online counselling, so we provide a convenient source of therapy. Telephone counselling is a beneficial to individuals under stress is particularly helpful to those in crisis.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling provides individuals with an opportunity to access counselling support at a time and place which is convenient to the client. We are available via Zoom or WhatsApp.

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45 mins RM 100

  • Event by Drona Wellness
  • Price : RM100
  • Counselors :
  • Dr Priya Rajan
  • Iffah Suraya
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