Just when you thought you were about to start ticking things off your wellness goals, 2020 decided to take a turn. How’s your health mindset now? Allow me to show you how to flatten your anxiety curve with my Fit Food Challenge: Relationship with Thyself program. Our approaches are backed by science! All you need is a healthy mindset. In this program, I will get to the roots of issues and help you create sustainable change in your life.

Covid-19 teaches us about the consumerism culture we uphold. How can we reduce non-essential items in our lifestyle from now on? Yes, less is more! You don’t need another diet guru, or another skincare product, what you need is time to change your habits to recognize your hunger signals, kick start a healthy lifestyle and manage your anxiety with simple plans. Time to focus on wellness, longevity, and vitality. The human body is designed to relax more, eat smart, move better and sleep cleverly. If you are struggling to get started because you are feeling discouraged by the current lockdown situation, the best time to unlock your potential is to join the program now!

Focus on today, today is the only thing you can control. Trust the process, time will pass regardless.





Case studies, discussion, science-backed research, role plays, conversations.

3 common mistakes people make when choosing wellness programs

  1. Focus on weight loss rather than health and overall wellness
  2. One size fits all treatments for skin, body, and emotional wellness
  3. Short cuts for quick results and unsustainable goals

What they should do instead: –

  1. Natural diet plan with safe ingredients at a reasonable price, sustainable living
  2. Balance the skin first, then incorporate physical and mental wellness programs to enhance healthy habits
  3. From sedentary behavior to active living


Step by step  comprehensive guide


Skin is said to be the largest organ of the body. Imbalance inside the body is projected outside

at the skin layer. Analysis of the skin will be able to determine if the skin is sensitive or sensitized.

Participants will be given skin analysis questionnaires to fill up.

The answers will be able to determine the lifestyle habits followed by the holistic approach analysis.



Dieting can have a powerful effect on your health When you diet, a number of changes can impact your physical and mental health. Drastic diets can be hard on the body and increase the risks of medical complications. You might notice that dieting also starts to affect your emotions. You might feel sad or irritable or experience mood swings. You might notice that it’s harder to concentrate and that your thinking can become distorted. When you diet, your body senses a food shortage.

As a result, you will know why you feel deprived, and preoccupied with food and how can be more sensitive to the food around you. How to increase your energy levels and immune system with food. To learn how to understand the rainbow chart. How to read labels and how to unprocessed your diet.



Why is it so hard to make healthy choices? It’s often hard to eat well and exercise when you

need it the most. Exercise and healthy eating can help with negative moods, low energy

levels, and lack of fitness, but these things can make it harder to start exercising and eating

well in the first place. Some people find that they eat more in the face of stress, especially

food with less nutritional value like junk food or fast food. Other people find that they hardly eat at all. They may also feel too drained to exercise.

In this module, you will learn simple steps on how you can improve your movement and aim to be fitter not slimmer or thinner.



Sleep is one of the utmost important things when it comes to wellness.

Will share ways to sleep better.



Where to start? Start from the basics;-

  1. Do no harm to others and yourself
  2. Speak the truth
  3. Self restrain – simplistic lifestyle
  4. Integrity
  5. Hygiene
  6. Gratitude and content
  7. Detox

Work on the principles of life out of love not fear

In this program, I will get to the roots of issues and help you create sustainable change in your life.


Drona Wellness firmly believes that education is key. Our goal is to normalize a help seeking behaviour. With this in mind, we have developed our talks, from a lived experience perspective, but also incorporating the knowledge learnt from years spent educating ourselves. Our talks, are also informal and relaxed to help people be as comfortable as possible. We have conducted talks in English, Malay, Chinese, Nepalise, Tamil and Hindi over these years.

Definitely, NOT your average everyday presentation. NOT your average boring presenter. A real, raw and no holds barred approach to life, what it can throw at us, what we can be presented with, and more importantly how we face it.

Over these years, we have gathered so that people can see that mental ill health and plain old bad times can happen to everyone, and in turn, that everyone has the opportunity capability to rise from these times.



A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE isn’t about having suits from top designers, a monogrammed briefcase, or the sleekest, newest cellular phone. Those things are great, but they won’t earn you respect from co-workers or a promotion. A professional image is also not about being a “perfect” person; you don’t have to buy a Mont Blanc pen, bake cookies for your colleagues, or offer to work every weekend. It’s about being aware of your appearance, attitude, and actions and how they affect your career. Your professional image is a combination of your overall appearance, attitude, and actions. In a nutshell, it’s how you do what you do every day. If things are not working out for you as you would hope then now may be the time to take a personal image inventory and learn what you can do to strengthen your professional image.

People Trust Those Who Look at The Part….and afford them more time to prove their worth. It makes good sense to take the time to create a visual presentation that those we are wishing to do business with will respond positively to. Every day the way you visually, verbally, and behaviourally present yourself has an impact on those around you and how they perceive you.

Image breakers are things small and large that leave a poor impression on you. Here are just a few:

👎 Ill-fitting clothes

👎 Bad breath

👎 Body odor

👎 Ultra-long nails

👎 Stains or tears

👎 Straining or gaping garments

👎 Necklines too low or hems too short

👎 Gossip

👎 Poor taste jokes

👎 No make-up, too much makeup

👎 Constantly late for meetings/appointments

👎 Talking big and delivering small

These are just the tiny tip of the image breakers iceberg. Confidence comes from knowing you look great and are wearing the right outfit at the right time. If you lack confidence with the way you look a Polished Appearance style session is required. By knowing what suits, you and learning how and when to wear outfits you’ll find you’ll have a brand-new mindset and polished appearance and when you know you look great you feel empowered to take on the world.





This program utilizes many role-plays, case studies, quizzes, and a Make your Mark e-book will be provided to learn effectively.



Module 1: Creating Your Image for Your Brand

Module 2: Look great, feel empowered to take on the world

Module 3: Developing Your Image 

Module 4:  Planning Your Personal Brand Communication 

Module 5: Sharpening Your Brand